Jefferies has been asking about the Blair Witch Project in job interviews

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This is not the late 1990s, the Spice Girls are not at their peak and David Beckham is not being photographed wearing a sarong. Most people also don't have a strong opinion on the virtues of guerrilla marketing-led movie, The Blair Witch Project.

If you’re a young analyst in your 20s, you may be more familiar with the Twilight saga than a shaky film following an ill-advised trip into the woods. But if you’re interviewing with Jefferies, this has to change.

Glassdoor has just released its annual top ten tough interview questions for 2015 and Jefferies comes in at number 10 with “What was your opinion of the film Blair Witch Project?”, apparently asked during an interview for a data analyst.

A good answer, in our humble opinion, would be: “The horror comes more from what you don’t see than what is presented onscreen. Some strong acting from the lead character – what ever happened to Heather Donohue, by the way? – combined with a then-innovative gritty handheld filming technique and some ingenious online marketing during the web’s relative infancy, really set it apart from its peers. Unfortunately, its many imitators have spoiled its legacy somewhat.”

Others have suggested “It’s terrible. Next question.”

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