Want to become a junior banker at Robey Warshaw?

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As of yesterday, Robey Warshaw is the place to be. The small UK-based advisory boutique, founded in London in April 2014 by Simon Robey (ex-Morgan Stanley) and Simon Warshaw (ex-UBS) just won a key position advising BG Group on its takeover by Shell. For its efforts, it will share $90m in fees with Goldman Sachs.

However, while Goldman Sachs employs 34,000 people globally, diminutive Robey Warshaw has seven FCA Registered employees in London. Something therefore tells us that Robey Warshaw's staff will do better from the deal than Goldman's.

So, how can you get to work for Robey Warshaw?

Since it was founded a year ago, Robey Warshaw has unfortunately hired only two juniors: Owain Williams and Diane Radu. Williams joined in September, straight from the UK Department of Education where he had (curiously) been a strategy advisor. Radu joined in March 2015, straight from Credit Suisse, where she'd spent a year and nine months working as a banking analyst.

While Williams and Radu look similar to most other young bankers in London, they are differentiated by the calibre of their (private) education. Williams attended Eton. Radu attended Fettes. You don't have to attend an expensive school to get a job with an elite British M&A boutique - but it probably helps.

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