Eight charts which will shatter your illusions about working on Wall Street

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If you thought working on Wall Street was glamorous, you were wrong. If you thought it was a secure job, you were wrong. If you thought you'd earn more than $50k, you may have been wrong too.

A new report from the Partnership for New York City disproves many of the firmly held beliefs about finance careers in New York City. This is what you need to know.

1. Just because you work on Wall Street, that doesn't mean you're well paid


Wall Street illusions 1

2. Wall Street is not a growth sector 

Wall Street illusions 2

3.  There are four times as many Wall Street professionals earning less than $75k than earning more than $300k

Wall street illusions 3

4. Adjusted for inflation, Wall Street pay fell nearly 20% between 2007 and 2013 

Wall Street illusions 4

5. Adjusted for inflation, pay in other industries rose during that period 

Wall Street illusions 5

6. Just because you work on Wall Street, that doesn't mean you'll live in Manhattan

Wall Street illusions 6

7. A lot of Wall Street employees live in fear about their jobs being moved elsewhere

Wall Street illusions 7

8. The only jobs that banks have really been hiring for are in risk and regulation 

Wall Street illusions 8

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