Morning Coffee: This man will hire you into a front office banking job now. Ex-Goldman banker attributes special powers to underwear

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If you're coming back to work after the official end to summer 2015 and you're thinking about finding a new job, you need to get in touch with Murray Roos. Murray is your man. - At least he is if you're working in equities. Reuters reports that Citigroup is about to 'boost' its equities franchise. Roos will almost certainly be the man at the throttle.

Since Roos joined Citi from Deutsche in May, Citi has set about hiring various of Roos's ex-colleagues, including Simon Kempton and Daniel Caplan for senior prime brokerage roles. It's all part of what Reuters says is a four point plan to boost the bank's equities market share through focusing on hedge funds, overhauling trading technology, hiring key executives and increasing research. So far, Citi has hired 11 analysts and rolled out a product called Optimus which helps clients select trading algorithms. Further hires seem likely in the near future. - In Europe, Citi's currently looking for an EMEA head of algo trading for equity technology; in New York, it's looking for an analyst to cover the footwear industry.

Of course, Citi has been here before: the bank built up its equities business in 2010 and 2011, only to cut it back again from 2012. 

Separately, one former Goldman Sachs employee believes he has identified the key to enduring success. The Australian Financial Review elicited the secret from 27 year-old Julian Parisi who formerly worked in IBD for Goldman Sachs. Parisi, who now runs a chain of Australian cafes with his father, says underwear is the thing. "I've got this theory, and I've been talking about it for a very long time, the underwear a person puts on is reflective of how they feel that day. Your underwear gives you power!," he declares. Right.


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