Here's who Goldman hired for its 2015 securities analyst class

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Goldman Sachs securities analyst class

One of Goldman's analysts was a senior scout

Applications for places on banks' analyst programs are now open. If you're applying for a place in Goldman Sachs' securities division, you're probably mindful of the fact that the firm has, in the past, hired economics students who like to be close to the news-flow.  But did you know that Goldman has also hired ex-missionaries and lifeguards to this year's securities program?

Based on the publicly available profiles of Goldman's 2015 analyst class, this is the diversity (or not) in its recent hires. There's just about still time to take up competitive trampolining.

1. Goldman Sachs likes to hire people who were interns at Goldman Sachs 

This is pretty much a given, but it's worth reiterating. None of the analysts in our sample hadn't been summer analysts the previous year.

2. Goldman Sachs likes to hire students with an 'international profile'

Again, this is known, but it's worth reiterating that if you live in the UK you might want to spend some time studying in the US and vice versa. And if you live in Europe, try a course that exposes you to different countries.

This year, for example, Goldman hired Giovanni Rugiero, who studied a masters in management at ESCP Europe, a course which takes place in three countries over three years.

3. Goldman Sachs likes to hire students who excelled at university  

You don't need to go to a big name university to get into Goldman Sachs, but do need to do well at college. This year, Goldman hired Lydia Mesler who graduated from Colgate University. Colgate is ranked 40th in the US according to Forbes, but Mesler graduated Summa Cum Laude.

5. Goldman Sachs likes to hire students who know a bit about regulation 

Before joining Goldman, Mesler spent two months as a research intern at London free market think tank 'The Institute of Economic Affairs.' There, she focused upon the implications of Basel III and Dodd Frank. Prior to that, she wrote a year long thesis titled, "A Bank-Level Analysis of Regulation Q and Commercial Bank Portfolio Risks".

6. Goldman Sachs likes to hire 20-somethings who managed their own fund at university 

Goldman also hired Mark Castillo, who interned with the firm's securities division in summer 2014. Castillo only graduated in 2015 (from Brigham Young University), but between October 2013 and July 2015, he was managing a 'small cap special situations fund' which he founded.

7. Goldman Sachs is not averse to students with CFA passes 

Castillo had passed level III when he joined...

8. Goldman Sachs embraces exciting extracurriculars

Castillo was once a missionary. Katie Edin, an analyst in NYC was once a lifeguard and won a prize for designing and underwater vehicle with an 'ocular attachment.' Mesler won a gold girl scout award.

Photo credit: Greg Westfall 

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