Citadel no longer hiring mostly from Goldman Sachs in London

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Citadel Securities has been building its London office. From a recent low of 65 registered employees in March 2014, it now has 85 according to the Financial Conduct Authority Register, filtered by boutique M&A advisory firm IMAS. As we've noted previously, Citadel has a penchant for hiring from Goldman Sachs (nearly 20% of its London staff are ex-Goldman). However, recent recruits appear to have broken with this tradition.

Citadel's three most recent hires have all come from other London hedge funds, rather than the hallowed halls of Peterborough Court.

They are: Felix Gozali, a junior commodity trading analyst from Balyasny Asset Management, Raghav Subbarao, an FX analyst from Millennium Capital Partners (and a former chief of FX options strategy at Barclays), and Tommy Grenier - who, as we reported previously, joined from Edesia Asset Management B.V. (formerly Louis Dreyfus Investment Group) in March.

Citadel launched a new London-based 'stock picking unit' last October and has been hiring members of Goldman's equities team to populate it. The fund has just acquired Citi's Automated Trading Desk Division, which was a pioneer of high frequency trading.

Financial News reported this week that Citadel plans to open a Dublin office in 2017. The Irish outpost is expected to house 12 people initially with, 'capacity to add dozens more." Irish staff will include: traders, programmers, quants, analysts and operations staff.

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