Here's how much Britain is paying its saviour from Goldman Sachs now

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Mark Carney may not be popular with the likes of Nigel Farage, but in a country somewhat lacking in leadership, he has at least been out and about offering messages of reassurance to the markets. 

For this, he is paid comparatively handsomely. While the British Prime Minister was paid a salary of £144k in the year to April 2016, the latest accounts from the Bank of England reveal that Carney earned £879k last year, including a £480k salary and £252k in taxable benefits.

Pay for Mark Carney at the Bank of England:

Pay Mark Carney

Source: Bank of England

Away from Mark Carney, pay in the Bank of England is distributed as per the chart below. 411 of the bank's 791 staff earn less than £100k.

Bank of England pay distribution

Source: Bank of England

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