Paranoia erupts as some CFA test-takers get results prematurely

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This past Tuesday was marked on every calendar of the more than 30k people who took the CFA Level III exam back in June. It was results day. But as it turned out, much of the action took place on Monday, when one test taker went to the forums to let others know that he had a strange “Congratulations!” message sitting in his CFA Institute account.

Some were quick to dismiss the claim, noting that it was probably an error, leaving the originally poster regretting logging in to his account in the first place. “The rest of my work day is gone, now sitting at my desk wondering if what I saw is real. Sigh,” they wrote. But soon a few others said they too received the congratulatory message in their account. This caused mass unrest among those who didn’t receive the message, assuming they had failed. “Well, this will be another great 24 hours of anxiety and speculation!” said one candidate.

Toward the end of Monday, some test takers even resorted to counting the number of people who acknowledged receiving the message and dividing it by those who didn’t to see if the percentage would fall in line with past pass/fail results. Several hours and hundreds of messages later, the official results were emailed at 9 a.m. EST. Those who received the congratulatory message did in fact pass, but that didn’t mean that candidates who saw nothing failed.

“Messages of congratulations did appear accurately, albeit prematurely, in a small number of candidate accounts on Monday before they were removed,” the CFA Institute told eFinancialCareers in a statement. “Exam results notifications were issued on Tuesday to all candidates as planned.”

Needless to say, Monday may not have been the most productive day for some investment professionals. A screenshot of the now-deleted congratulations message is below.


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