How much am I worth? VP/Associate Director, Private Equity group

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A panel of specialist headhunters give their assessment of typical pay packages:

Salary of VP/Associate Director, Private Equity group: 80,000-120,000 (€128,000 -€192,000) bonuses 100,000 -400,000

Private equity remuneration can be a complicated beast, made up of relatively small basic salary, plus regular bonus, plus equity (know as 'carry'). It is this last element, which is based on the success of the investments made by the individual or their group, which can propel the best private equity specialists into the ranks of the super earners.

Kathryn Ward, senior consultant in equities with Alexander Mann, the recruitment company, says : "In the overall package, a senior person can make a shed load of money if they can manage well."

It is not just the money, though, that attracts people to private equity. Ward says people also enjoy having control over the investments they make. "They are principals and advisers and often like the involvement they can have with running the company," she explains.

Typical entry points are from corporate finance or equity capital markets, although some enter private equity from accountancy or industry. At the more senior level, the most coveted individuals are those who have direct management experience and a track record of turning companies around.

Unsurprisingly in the current economic climate, there is not much movement in the market for private equity folk, and what there is, is most likely to be among individuals already in the sector. "I would be surprised if there were much recruitment from outside the industry," says Ward, "Unless a company really, really wants someone."

Figures and commentary for "How much am I worth?" are provided by the following firms: Alexander Mann, Longbridge, Odgers Ray & Berndtson

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