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Krutikov attended Mount Holyoke College in the US and Institut d'Etudes Politiques in France before studying a Masters in development studies at London University.

"I came to ISIS as an intern. I was studying for my Masters and joined on a part time basis to cover someone on maternity leave. One thing led to another and I was offered a permanent position last May.

My job has three main parts to it -

  • I analyse companies to ensure they comply with the criteria of our specialist SRI funds. These include: responsible management of environmental impacts such as climate change and biodiversity, as well as social impacts, such as human rights and labour standards.
  • I look at the corporate governance of all the companies ISIS invests in and encourage them to meet our good practice guidelines. - Are directors of the company being paid appropriately for what they do? Are shareholders' rights being respected? It's a mammoth task: ISIS has 63bn of assets under management and votes on more than 1,800 stocks around the world.
  • Lastly, and most interestingly, I work on shareholder engagement projects. These encourage companies to manage the risks associated with social and environmental issues. For example, I've met with companies in the mining sector to look at how their operations impact both the local ecosystems and communities.

There are no specific qualifications that will land you a job in SRI. What you really need is a passion for the issues."

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