Want to set up a hedge fund? Free seminar tells you how

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Hedge Support, a compliance consultancy, is running a free seminar on how to set up a hedge fund.

The seminar, which will take place in Jermyn Street on March 28th, is open to anyone interested in running a hedge fund, on a first come first serve basis. Participants include everyone from proprietary traders at investment banks, to equity analysts, fund managers, and people running their own money.

Steve McGuinness, a partner at Hedge Support, says the timing is designed to coincide with end of bonus season: "In our experience, people tend to have itchy feet at this time of year."

McGuinness warns against seeing the one and half hour seminar as a short cut to hedge fund success, however. "We tell more than half of the people who come to the seminars that setting up a hedge fund is not for them," he says. "They either have no track record, no team around them, or are too junior. It's much harder to raise a fund than it used to be."

Tales of woe in the hedge fund industry do not appear to have dissuaded would-be hedge fund managers from signing up. McGuinness says this is the second year it's taken place, and that it's as popular as ever.

The experience seems to be shared by other providers of hedge fund training. London Business School runs a two day intensive hedge fund training course costing 3,100. Dr. Narayan Naik, who teaches the LBS programme, says applications have risen 50% in the past 12 months.