Lunchtime Links: 20% of all recruitment firms could disappear from the face of the earth

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And that is not specific to financial services (where the number could possibly be higher). The comment was made by the finance director of Hays, who told the FT that the slump in recruiting accelerated in the first quarter of this year (surprise), and that 'small' recruiters in 'niche areas' or a 'mainly permanent marketplace' (financial services?) will struggle. Unlike Michael Page, Hays doesn't break out employment by industry so we can't continue with the 'it's worse in other sectors' theme.

Bad days at Hays. (Telegraph)

BofE eyeing a return to Glass Steagall; Conservatives would split big banks (The Times)

Valuable lessons from Barclays' mouldy old annual reports (Bloomberg)

"M&A is so dead that the only reason the corpse hasn't been put into the morgue already is that the investment banks have fired all the orderlies who might otherwise take it there." (The Epicurean Dealmaker)

Morgan Stanley Q1 results to be hit by bonds (Reuters)

Currency and rates banker quits Morgan Stanley (Reuters)

Was Purcell right about Morgan Stanley?

(Financial News)

Congressional panel - 'Fire managers, liquidate banks'

(The Big Picture)

Quelle surprise! Bank stress tests produce expected results

(Naked Capitalism)

Evolution doing well, has hired someone (Financial Times)

ING focusing on Europe, consolidating investment management operations (Financial Times)

Bad banking comes to Ireland (Wall Street Journal)

Fitch downgrades Ireland's AAA rating (Guardian)

The return of the day trader (Reuters blog)

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