Lunchtime Links: Lloyd Blankfein's wife is seriously off-message

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Goldman has come out fighting against the recent affronts to its integrity, arguing that it doesn't front run its clients and advising its staff to tone down their spending habits.

According to the New York Post Blankfein has been encouraging staff to rein in conspicuous consumption since the end of last year, but has stepped up his efforts of late. The Times says Lloyd has also taken to voicemail urging staff to rise above the recent bad press.

Cutting back on bling may come as second nature to Goldman staff who, as described by Heidi Moore, see frayed cuffs, baggy suits and lost buttons as a source of great pride.

However, it may not come as second nature to their wives. As a follow-up to its story about Blankfein, the New York Post says Lloyds spouse has been making a scene in the Hamptons. Made to wait in line for an Ovarian Cancer Research fund raiser, Olga Mrs. Blankfein apparently shrieked that she and her friend should get preferential treatment over those donating a mere $650.

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