Lessons on how to be resilient at Goldman Sachs

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Is Goldman Sachs offering its US employees instruction on the art of resilience?


On Tuesday, Heather Baeur, a US nutritionist tweeted that she was just off to Goldman Sachs for a, "a talk on eating, energy + performance for their resilience week."

The tweet has since been removed and a spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs denied there's any such thing as a resilience week at the firm.

However, Bauer's assistant told us her talk was part of Goldman's resilience week and was on her approach to, "healthy, strategic eating." There doesn't appear to be anything similar going on in Europe.

Baeur's written a book on The Wall Street Diet (subtitled 'The surprisingly simple weight loss plan for people who don't have time to diet.'). In it, she advocates 'snack plans,' recording everything you eat on a diet food sheetand having quarter pound bags of sliced turkey close to hand at weekends.

As evidence of the damaging physical effects of sedentary careers mounts, Bauer's suggestions may yet take hold. If you encounter US Goldman Sachs bankers carrying bags of turkey to improve their resilience, it will also be apparent why.

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