Lunchtime Links: Hedge funds are aggressively cutting idle traders

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Any traders in investment banking hoping that hedge funds will provide a sanctuary to the current cuts need to think again – they’re cutting their trading teams, and cutting aggressively.

A recent poll of head and senior traders by consultants Greenwich Associates showed that 44% of hedge funds intend to shrink their trading budgets from last year on the back of a period of depressed activity. Not surprisingly, headcount reductions are planned, as over-sized trading teams now have less to do.

It’s not all gloom, however, as 40% of respondents to the survey said they were keeping their budgets flat and 17% said they were increasing them.

Still, this appears unlikely to benefit trading staff within hedge funds as the investments will focus on electronic trading, in order to increase trading volumes without bolstering staffing levels, new execution methods and a scaling back of sell-side support resources.

There are instances of larger hedge funds continuing to build their headcount, however. As we pointed out this week Winton Capital has aggressively increased its staff levels over the last 12 months (albeit predominantly in research rather than trading) and Marshall Wace has hired Ian Smillie, previously head of RBS’s equity research team. Brevan Howard is also bolstering its team in the US.


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