How to find the hidden graduate jobs in finance

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If you're graduating in 2013 and you want to work in finance or banking but still don't have a graduate job, you may be feeling a little panicked. This hasn't been an easy year to find graduate roles in investment banks. As we noted back in September, several large banks handed all of their most interesting junior jobs  to people who completed internships with them last summer. Moreover, the deadline for applying to graduate jobs at most investment banks has now passed.

If you want to find work in financial services after leaving university in 2013, you will therefore need to take matters into your own hands. You can't sit around waiting for graduate jobs to come to you. You need to be proactive. You need to start cold-calling financial services companies who might hire graduates on an ad-hoc basis. You need to make your own opportunities. You need to put yourself out there.

Assuming you're now sufficiently fired-up, here's where to find the companies that might - possibly - still offer you a graduate job in finance when you leave university in 2013. Each of the links below will take you to a list of the companies active on each of the exchanges we've listed. Many of these participating companies are small organisations that fly below the recruitment radar. We suggest you call them one by one and ask very politely whether you can talk to their hiring manager, inquire gently whether they take on graduates and interns, and then send in your CV.

1. NYSE Euronext 

NYSE Euronext operates securities exchanges across the US and Europe. Its members list for companies trading European equities is accessible here. These companies may be able to offer you jobs in equities sales, equities trading, or equity research. For more information on these roles, click here.  They should also have supporting roles in operations, or risk or technology.

2. The London Stock Exchange

With stock listings from around 3,000 companies in 70 different companies, the London Stock Exchange is one of the biggest in the world. Its member companies are listed here.  As with NYSE Euronext, these companies may be able to provide roles in equities sales, equities trading, or equity research.

3. Eurex

Eurex is a leading European derivatives exchange focused on equity derivatives. Its full members list is available here.  As above, Eurex members should be able to offer sales and trading jobs and related support roles. However, their roles are likely to be more quantitative and complex than those offered by simple equities brokers.

4. OMX

OMX runs various stock and futures exchanges in Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries. Its members are unlikely to offer jobs in mainland Europe, but they may offer opportunities if you're willing to look further afield. The full members list is here.  

5. Deutsche Boerse Xetra 

Deutsche Boerse Xetra is the electronic trading arm of Germany's main stock exchange. Its full members list is available here.  These companies should be a good bet if you want to work in electronic trading or in the high frequency trading space.

6. The London Metals Exchange 

The London Metals Exchange is the world's biggest exchange for non-ferrous metals. Its members might be able to offer you a job related to commodities trading (or metals trading to be specific). Click here for the full list of members.