Goldman's head of EuroGovernments bond trading thought to quit for high paying hedge fund (in deluxe premises)

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Nick Bhuta, head of EuroGovernments bond Trading at Goldman Sachs is said to have left the bank. Headhunters say Bhuta is joining hedge fund Tudor Capital.

Bhuta's move has not been confirmed by Goldman or Tudor, neither of which responded immediately to a request for comment. According to the FCA register he remains in employment with Goldman Sachs and a call for Bhuta was put through to a colleague who said he was off the desk.

Tudor Capital is known for both its generosity and its lavish European office. Pay per head for partners at the fund averaged £3.3m in the year ending March 2013, with the highest paid partner reportedly receiving £27m. Tudor's European operation is situated in a manor house in Epsom with 25 acres of grounds, plus its own swimming pool and private bar.

If Bhuta has indeed left for Tudor, his is likely to be the first of many similar moves once bonuses are banked. U.S. banks like Goldman Sachs are struggling to maintain fixed income revenues in the face of static interest rates, increased capital requirements and the Volcker Rule which prevents them from engaging in pure proprietary trading.

Bhuta joined Goldman Sachs as an associate in New York in 1997. He was made managing director in 2010.

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