7 interesting graduate jobs in finance which are STILL OPEN for a 2015 start

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If you haven't applied for your graduate job in financial services already, you're late. In fact, you're very late - most banks closed their 2015 graduate applications in January or February. However, if you don't want to make do with an obscure technology job or a year-long industrial placement, there are still a few options.

We've scoured the careers sites of leading investment banks and the Big Four accounting firms to bring you the vacancies below. In our opinion, these are the pick of the remaining bunch. If you want to be a credit trader at J.P. Morgan you might need to compromise - at this stage, beggars can't really be choosers.

1. J.P. Morgan is looking for a maritime analyst to join its asset management division 

J.P, Morgan's 'Global Real Assets' group, which has $65bn under management, is looking for an analyst to, 'play an integral role in the valuation, analysis, and ongoing management of shipping assets.' The job is listed as a graduate opportunity, although JPM would quite like to hire someone with prior modelling experience. Apply here. 

2. Morgan Stanley is looking for a securitized products structuring analyst to work in Hungary 

There are no graduate opportunities left at Morgan Stanley's office in London, but the bank is still hiring in....Hungary. It wants an analyst to 'model existing and design new mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities while also analyze and engineer other types of financial products across the credit spectrum,' based in Budapest. An MSc or quantitative finance qualification is preferred. Knowledge of C++ is imperative. Apply here. 

3. Lloyds Banking Group is looking for a commercial banker to work with small and medium-sized enterprises and mid-market clients 

If you were hoping to become an investment banker, swerving into commercial banking might seem a bit of a disappointment. However, Lloyds is still hiring. It pays £28k a year, plus laptop, phone and £3k relocation allowance. You'll need 300 UCAS points and a 2.1. Apply here. 

4. Lloyds is looking for someone to join the 'product' area of its commercial bank 

Lloyds also has a vacancy for someone to develop products for its commercial bank. Again, you'll need 300 UCAS points and a 2.1. Product people are paid more - this role pays ays £38k a year, plus laptop, phone and £3k relocation allowance. Apply here

5. UBS has vacancies for graduate wealth trainees in Frankfurt and Hamburg  

UBS is looking for graduate wealth trainees in Germany. The only downside? UBS doesn't say so, but you'll almost certainly need to speak fluent German. Apply here. 

6. KPMG has transactions and restructuring jobs going in its financial advisory business, but only in Glasgow and Aberdeen  

Working for a Big Four firm's financial advisory business can be a route into investment banking. Most financial advisory jobs are filled already, but KPMG has two left in Scotland. You'll need 320 UCAS points and a 2.1. Apply here. 

7. PWC has transaction services jobs still going in Southampton, Cambridge, Bristol and Belfast

If the climate is right and banks are desperate enough to hire juniors, transaction services can also be a route into investment banking. PWC has various transaction services trainee positions going in British cities. Click here to find out more. 

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