These are some of the front office jobs that can't appear to be filled quickly now

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It's that time of year: the fourth quarter - when front office hiring managers take a rest and redundant bankers realise they may be out of the market until Valentine's Day. With this in mind, we've had a look at the front office jobs that banks are still advertising on their own websites now. Believe it or not, there are some.

Equally surprisingly, some of these jobs have been advertised for some time - suggesting either they can't immediately be filled, that the bank is dithering over appointing someone, or that HR have forgotten to pull the job from the site. Either way, you may wish to direct your attention here:

Goldman Sachs - Nordic investment banking

When we looked earlier today, Goldman Sachs had been advertising for a fixed income rate product strategist since June. That job has, however, been filled. The bank is also advertising for an associate to cover Nordic and Dutch clients in its London investment banking business and for an associate to cover Nordic equity capital markets. The first role has been open since June and the second has been open since July.

From this we deduce that candidates with Nordic languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) are hard to find in London now.

JPMorgan - a VP level equity researcher to work on the financials team

In light of all the redundancies that have been taking place in equities this year, you might think a VP-level financials equity researcher would be easy to come by in London. However, JPMorgan has had this position open since mid-August. It wants someone with broad financial services and accounting experience, but not necessarily someone with previous experience as a sell-side equities analyst.

We asked JPMorgan to comment, but it was unable to respond immediately.

Deutsche Bank - a credit structurer to work in Birmingham

As we've observed in the past, Deutsche Bank seems to be moving front office roles like trading and structuring to its Birmingham office, which was set up as an international processing centre in 2008. It's currently advertising for a credit structurer to work in its Birmingham office. Deutsche's website indicates that the role has been open since May - although the text within the role itself suggests it was updated in October.

Deutsche declined to comment.

Macquarie - M&A analysts or associates (industrials, TMT and financial institutions) and Infrastructure Advisory Positions 

In what seems like good news for anyone made redundant from M&A teams at Nomura or UBS, Macquarie still seems to be hiring. The Australian bank is advertising for experienced analysts and associates in all the sectors above (although we don't know how long it's been looking for). A spokeswoman informs us that it's also hiring for infrastructure advisory roles in London, this being an area which is "very active," right now.

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