Nine ridiculous job titles of former financiers

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You’re free! You’ve escaped the rigid hierarchy of investment banking, with it’s analysts, associates, VPs, directors and managing directors and into the brave new world of start-ups and digital media, where it’s perfectly acceptable to express yourself…

Well, maybe not. But if investment banks are all about status, hierarchy and simple universal job titles, start-ups are a comparative Wild West. Some financiers have really bought into this. Below are some of the silliest job titles we’ve managed to muster from connections of ours who used to work in banking (who must remain anonymous). We’ve handily added what they actually do in brackets. Are these the worst? Let us know by commenting below….

  1. Chief Happiness Officer (CEO)
  2. Head of Amazing (Marketing)
  3. Talent Identification Wizard (Recruiter)
  4. Chief Gladiator (Consultant)
  5. Culture Creator (HR, start-up)
  6. Results Go-getting (Sales)
  7. Ideas Alchemist (Fintech start-up CEO)
  8. Digital Disruptor (Technologist at payments start-up)
  9. Chief Enablement Officer (CEO, tech start-up)


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